Wednesday, July 27, 2005

photos, socials and the lack of sleep

Ok, i admit it --- i've been a shutter bug lately. The past couple of days have been spent in quiet isolation since my aunt, uncle and cousin left for the P.I., leaving me, my lola and cousin to fend for ourselves here in the US. Lately it's been one trip after another, hence the accumulation of a horrific amount of pictures that even i am astounded!

After filling out my monthly space in Flickr, i sought refuge in an old reliable --- Ofoto, now known as Kodakgallery. *sigh* As much as this is great in storing pics, it requires that all viewers be registered before they view the pix, which sucks big time :-P

Soon after i resigned myself to the new fad my friend shave been harping about --- Hmm, sounds and looks pretty fun (a la Friendster) but unfortunately, i somehow used up all the space for my pics again! WTF!?!

So what's a gal to do? Back and forth i've been uploading pics all over the place --- much to my demise, my flickr account is still 4 days from reactivation for uploading. *sigh* Till then i resort to these alternatives (and no way to upload and phot-blog!) waaahh....

+ + +

yes, i am THAT bored. I've opened up a Multiply account, uploaded every picture i deem viewable and even managed to accumulate new friends in my Friendster and MySpace account. Of course, this unhealthy way of living is further fueled by the fact that my hours in the day is spent almost in front of the computer...

I have got to get a job. And a life. Being "single" in LA has been quite a feat -- from scenarios taken from "weirdos of another planet" to casual fun gone awry, social dating here is, as my friend Jeff would say, challenging. :-P I am glad that i amin the company of great friends -- friends who, despite the busy schedule, manage to squeeze in time to take me out and catch up! :-) yey!!!

+ + +

On to the bright side of things, got to chill with Abs and River tonight! We met up at Downtown LA for some R&R and somehow got to get Onel, Jep and Toti to join us later on! :-) Sushi at SushiMac, chillin' at the cliff and the ride home pretty much attributed to the night, filled with weird scenarios and strange meetings (it's a small world after all!) as well as interesting bystanders (WTF!?! Is it really that normal for complete strangers to just randomly call out at you across the street!?) and lotsa chill time, laughs and good conversation.

Man, i'm gonna miss LA when i head to SF soon...

+ + +

i just LOVE LOVE LOVE the brownies at 711 (the one along PCH)!!! It's oowey, gooey, chewy goodness of chocolate! yum yum! :-) Course, this being a midnight snack, i may be totally biased :-P

+ + +

It's 5am and i am still up. Darn the coffee. Hmmm...more brownies for me though... a few hours before beachin'!!! yey! :-D

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